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The problem

The steel industry ranks among the highest contributors to global green house emissions and is exceptionally energy-intensive.

In 2021, the global steel industry emitted over 3.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide, accounting for approximately 11% of total global CO2 emissions and around 7% of total GHG emissions.

The top five countries (China, India, Japan, the U.S., and Russia) accounting for 74% of the total global steel output.

Our work in the sector

Green steel expert in East Asia

Our research team has completed a series of steel sector insights, such as a green steel premium data model. The analysis provided a model for stakeholders to understand green steel’s role in providing a long-term, stable and cost-effective carbon reduction solution to steel manufacturers and their customers.

In-Depth Analysis on Japanese Steel Sector

With our model and analysis, we highlight challenges and opportunities faced by Japanese steel mills in decarbonisation.

Mobilise demand-side awareness

We emphasise the crucial role of concerted pressure from steel consumers, including the automotive sector, and the influence of investors as catalysts for transformative change.