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Public policy and private finance: 5 things to follow in Japanese steel finance in the next 12 months

Key Policy Highlights for the Steel industry in China (Q1 2024)

Quicktake: Nippon Steel to Acquire US Steel

COP28: Key Announcements by the Japanese Government – Transition Asia’s View

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Transition to EAFs and Decommissioning of Blast Furnaces Essential for Japanese Steel Industry to Achieve Emissions Reduction Goals

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Climate change: Chinese carmakers lead the EV transition but lag peers in supply chain decarbonisation...

Media coverage

EU's carbon border tax may weaken China's steel, aluminum export advantage

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Subsidising Green Steel Procurement to Drive Carbon Reduction and Cost Savings in China’s Automotive Industry

How China’s steel mills are turning to new bonds to fund their green transition and net-zero goals

Where does the money come from for the low-carbon transformation of steel enterprises?

(Chinese version only)

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Transition Asia's response to Nippon Steel’s proposed plans to increase share of EAF-based technology in bid to achieve net zero

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Amid increasing concerns over climate inaction, shareholders nearly vote out Canon Chairman and CEO, Fujio Mitarai

G-7 summit is Kishida's best chance to move Japan to green steel

Canon Inc significantly cuts emissions target, holding back Japan’s net zero commitments, new analysis reveals

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Canon Inc significantly cuts emissions target, holding back Japan’s net-zero commitments, new analysis reveals

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