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About Us

Transition Asia is a non-profit think tank established to accelerate corporate climate action in East Asia. We highlight leaders and laggards in the region’s key industries, providing investors and regulators with in-depth analyses of the business risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

Our Vision

A world where business transforms to limit global warming to 1.5C to protect society and the planet.

Areas of work

We strive for a pre-2030, 1.5°C-aligned decarbonisation pathway in East Asia that spearheads the energy and economic transitions needed to protect our planet. To achieve this, we need to strengthen the drivers for change while also lifting the bar on current corporate action through three interconnected work streams:

Increasing the uptake and implementation of 1.5°C-aligned 2030 corporate action plans

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Elevating investor climate engagement and impact across East Asia

Improving corporate disclosure and transparency, especially ESG metrics

Our Values


We leverage accurate data-driven analysis to drive impactful decision-making.


We prioritise true, science-based emissions reductions as the key impact indicator.


We thrive at the interchange of disciplines and cultures as meaningful insights hinge on integrating diverse perspectives and expertise.


We actively collaborate with cross-sectoral stakeholders to raise collective impact in addressing the climate crisis.